Experimental Housewife has been playing and combining music for nearly twenty years. Having been the member of several bands and projects ranging from Canadian act Man meets Bear to Danish artist Crystal Shipsss, and DJing awkwardly young at 12-years-old, it is safe to say that she is a seasoned and well-informed selector. Her sound, whether DJing or hybridizing material, is loud, awe-inspiring, stimulating, and tightly sewn. ExHouse sets are replete with rhythmic force smothered in nostalgic drone; they are complex canopies which are so familiar, you feel that you've heard it a hundred times before. Such a style promotes diversity and the relinquishment of fixed categories, whether political or sonic. This style furthermore lends itself to the ethereal and is pointed at some kind of goal, an upheaval in which listeners are included and engaged, no matter who they are. ExHouse hails from Montana, USA and lived in Berlin, Germany in the late 2000s. She currently resides in New Mexico, USA. 


Perfect Location Records Founder, Manager & Curator
Run The Length Of Your Wildness Resident
Jacktone Records Artist
ANTIME Records Artist
female:pressure Member
No Fear Of Pop Staff Writer
Tiny Mix Tapes Contributing Writer

Selected Press:
Sequencer (2018)
TRUANTS (2018)
Schmer 10 on Terminal 313 (2018)
Headphone Commute (2015)
Femmecult (2014)

Quotes about ExHouse:
“Absolutely bonkers”
“Music that rattles the pipes”
“The most confusing music that left me convinced”
“Unpredictable and boss”
“Leaves people talking”
“Took the entire room on a journey"
"Truly experimental"

Shorter bio:
Experimental Housewife is exactly what you'd think: an experimental DJ and producer. With an impeccable taste in house, deep house, and techno classics, ExHouse often slices through all genres with her hard techno and noise side. Also a drummer and professor, ExHouse is moreover a longstanding collector -- and selector -- of electronic music. Her sets are bizarre treats replete with force and nostalgic layers. Whether you're in for a gnarly set or something eclectic and narrational, you can always sense her percussionist mind, academic technique, and house music heart.

Longer bio:
Percussionist, DJ, sonic collage artist, and producer Evelyn Malinowski has been playing and combining music for nearly twenty years. Having served as either a drummer or keyboardist for various post-rock and experimental projects throughout the years, it is safe to say that Experimental Housewife is a multifarious musician. When looking at her long DJ career, which began awkwardly young when she was 12-years-old, there is little room for saying that ExHouse is anything other than a seasoned selector. Her sound can be either loud or soothing, but it is consistently genre defiant. Replete with rhythmic force and nostalgic aspects, each set is thoughtfully curated; one can always sense the complex canopy of an ExHouse set and the way it spans palettes -- as well as eras -- while engaging a diversity of listeners. In short, ExHouse sets are bizarre treats for the ear and the mind.

ExHouse originally hails from Montana, USA. She lived in Berlin, Germany for several years circa 2010, and currently resides full-time in San Francisco, California.


Professor Evelyn Marie Malinowski is first and foremost a music listener. Collecting, compiling, and conceptualizing accumulated music since she was a child, Malinowski has grown into an organizing wiz, whether dealing with sounds, information, physical objects, or itineraries. Her drive to compile and collage led her to pursue academia as a vocation (or an avocation, depending on how you look at it). At first drawn to study via an unknown fascination with medieval history, Malinowski has grazed the scholastic fields of Oral Traditions, Shakespeare, German Romanticism, Modernity, Mythology, and Sound Studies. She has taught and lectured on these same subjects; additionally, she has demonstrated proficiency in rhetoric, classical argument, standardized writing and formatting, as well as grammar. Teaching writing, language, and literature for over five years, Malinowski's métier of applied or applicable classroom subjects ranges from cultural history to theory and English philology. She has also tutored conversational German and is knowledgeable in the political history of German-speaking Europe. She is also an animal lover.

M.A. English Philology (Free University of Berlin)
B.A. English Literature (University of Montana-Missoula)
B.A. German Studies (University of Montana-Missoula)

Courses taught:
ESL for German speakers (Helen Doron School for English)
Rhetoric & Composition II (Front Range Community College)
Writing Roundtable Precursor I (Santa Fe University of Art & Design)
Writing Roundtable I -- Performing Arts (Santa Fe University of Art & Design)
Writing Roundtable II -- Women Speak For Themselves (Santa Fe University of Art & Design)
Shakespeare, Women & Gender (Santa Fe University of Art & Design)
The World Novel/World Fiction Survey (Santa Fe University of Art & Design)

Creative & scholarly interests:
Philology, Cultural Geography, Virginia Woolf, Modernity, Cultural History, Oral Traditions, Mythology Studies, Sound Studies, Ethnomusicology, Electronic Music Cultural History, Linguistics, Medieval Studies, Shakespeare, Gender Studies